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Simply Im a mom trying to suffer through life trials and set backs with a smile on my face and a new outlook on life! Being a single mom in utah and owning a tractor trailer has really made my life interesting... And lets not forget dating in your 30's that could drive anyone insane! Therapy is needed so I have decided to blog... maybe through humor, tears and strength we can all pull through..

Sunday, October 25, 2009

those damn skinny pants, cellulite hips and the brownies calling me

Life is still spinning but I am taking the advice of my James... tell them you are getting it done and you will be there.... okay... Also a business associate told me more advice... they need you and so you have the control.... use it!!! The truck pump is STILL not on..... and the truck is needed in Williston... we are getting there.... fuck it!!!
I was going through my jeans and my 7's are sitting there wondering when IM gonna get off my ass and get the muffin top worked off so I can somehow squeeze my running thighs into those god forsaken skinny hot jeans!!!
My legs! you put them in a line up with any hard body and they can hold their own. They are still freaking hot!!! you put me in some heels a baggy top and short shorts and I can cause damage.... yes the baggy top is to cover the brownie induced muffin top...
Im still in a Xanax soothed stress mood.... Im right now listening to wall balls vibrate off my walls downstairs rattling everything hung on the wall in front of me.... lovely. Oh yes the cleaned laundry that is stacked 7 feet tall and ever so close to tumbling on to the dog hair ladened floor.... uckk... Well Brendan is looking for his short pgs and he is just knows is at the bottom of the teetering mass of a weeks worth of laundry.... thank god for xanax or i would be hitting the bottle of vodka in my closet...
Oh yes Brendan did ask how I was holding up today seeing that I broke the container part on my coffee pot. Its ordered... Brendan said "we can make it through mom." Little 11 year old smart ass.
One simple pleasure though is while I was making breakfast ( that did not require milk.... now I remember what I forgot at the store)
I found the book where the wild things are. As we made breakfast I started to read it in the way I read to them when they were very young. AND THEY REMEMBER THE NASHING TEETH AND THE GROWLING!!! There might be hope for them to grow up to be well adjusted children. Maybe, Brendan was sliding on his rear in the team shower yesterday.

Oh yes I talked to SK#2 yesterday.. Second official fight I guess.. I changed my relationship status back to single on facebook....So there!!! Actually I need to change it back I actually changed it so that I could keep distance from co workers and keep myself out of trouble.
Well I got him talking about the Family... and the "community" It simply intriques me. I see visions of the waltons and big love all rolled together. My degree and just simple nosey curiosity keeps me nudging him for info on the little group.
Plus it makes my mother twitch when I mention the type of community he is from. I know its cruel. You know a second wife around wouldnt be bad. She could help out a little, watch the kids when im not here. Heck not a bad idea.... And her payment is half your man... And yesterday I would have gladly handed his skinny, bullheaded ass to someone else in a heart beat.
He was not in agreement to the multiple wife thing. He cannot see why in the hell a man would voluntarily sucum to that kind of punishment times 2, 3 or4 more times.
He did say that if he did stay and marry the first girl to break his heart. He would prolly be living in two sheds with two wives a hell of a lot of kids and making min wage... The girlfriend would have made him get another one. He would be now probably contimplating what the hell because he would have daughters at the age to be married as a second wife to someone else... He said that really grossed him out. And that he would never ever get to see any good lingere.
He said that it would be the thing to do. Now listening to that we are saying how in the hell can we say that is the thing to do? But look at someone who is viewing the primary religion of Utah and how we send our young sons out into the middle of some country to fend for themselves and contract everytype of parasite known to man... because its the thing to do.... Yep made my point. I dont care people will disagree with my rationalization.
I can see the sister hood to it. Your built in Merideth when you are having a yang moment.. (season 6 episode 6 Greys Anatomy)
I saw that sisterhood and dependancy on each other get annialated when Governer Leavitt helped his baby bro out by placing Tom Green to prison and vanquishing each wife to a seperate county accross the state. Two lost the support of their very own sister. Two were left alone with severly disabled children. Each had no education and knowledge of how the world functions. Two were married in their teens only knowing how to be a wife and mother with the support of three other women. Very cruel act indeed. Worse than the actual crime. If someone told me I could not be near my closest and truest girlfriend I would literally fall apart.
Hmmm but right now if there was someone doing my dishes while I was daddling on the computer......priceless.
This morning of course Brendan was in my bed... I laid down next to him last night for but a moment.... at 2 am woke up !!! Damnit I was sneaking out to hang with Net. DAMNIT!! ( Gotta love at 36 years old I am required to ask a 12 year old if I can go down the road to hang with my adult friend while he sleeps, and to get past the 11 year old I have to sneak out... I didnt do any of this shit when I was a teenager!)
Well while he was picking my nose with his huge number one finger that ended up in my bed, with the blankey, redwings blankey, and somewhere sock monkey was in there too.. The other day i woke up cuddling the damn thing. Anyway Ciara found herself a spot inbetween on her back with her tail flopping hitting each of us in the face. Kalin wandered in to be captured under the covers with me.. He tolerates it when I make him cuddle with me. He used to when he was a babe come in and lie with me everyweekend.... Hell I hate them growing up!! That is when we would read books and play with tiny little furry toys in my bed... YEah so when they left and the next night my little toes would come across the furry intruder and give my heart a reason to stop beating.
Jeans and poligamy hmmm Im hitting all the bases today! So Im going to bundle up and go for a run... pray for me!


  1. Here is a shout-out to one of my two followers (the other is my cousin).

    I like that you have so much to say.

    ". . . next night my little toes would come across the furry intruder and give my heart a reason to stop beating." LOVE it! Had I been drinking milk it definitely would have almost come out of my nose. Plus I empathize. I have 5 (kids) at home and every night get to re-find my pillow.

    Since this post is almost 2 months old, I hope you are still alive after your run ;).

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