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Simply Im a mom trying to suffer through life trials and set backs with a smile on my face and a new outlook on life! Being a single mom in utah and owning a tractor trailer has really made my life interesting... And lets not forget dating in your 30's that could drive anyone insane! Therapy is needed so I have decided to blog... maybe through humor, tears and strength we can all pull through..

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The adult womans fairy tale

I went to Sex in the City 2.
The women the dazzle, the white dress in the beginning... simply amazing and I found it... the knock off or the original.... what am I worth and what can I afford. Now I figured if there was a a test such as the colors personality a few years ago that was popular. I would come out 10 % Charlotte 12 % Miranda, 38 % Carrie and 40% Samantha. Women that everyone could relate to... perfectionist, the slut, the mom and Carrie... I relate to Carrie but my actions at times resememble Samantha... I guess not my actions but attitude... fuck them before they fuck you... the playa, sex phene that uses them as little toys prancing around her.. and she also in the first gave her heart to a younger man... let her hair down her guard down gave herself and yes got fucked...Love, passion, gay nannies, and securities played on the screen for us all... to cheer and cry and say yes that is me... Dutch men with amazing smiles, its a big girls princess party, their fairy tale on the screen.... yet there is no white horse with a prince... possibly a booty call pressed against a hood of a mercades.. an understanding husband of his wife who is like no other.... a mom who gets a break and a business woman truly happy... Its all of our little dreams wrapped up in two hour show.... only thing better would be a blue box from tiffanys... The euphoric feeling of self worth and power was simply overwhelming. I cam walking out in my skinny skinny jeans, my new leopard shoes...I just need to hold on to this euphoria of she woman power long enough to battle for my tierra....

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